Our History

The best financial decisions are those made in consideration of one’s total financial picture. When it comes to making these decisions, a qualitative, well-thought out process of evaluating all options requires collective information over time that must be tweaked and updated in conjunction with the knowledge and expertise necessary to execute the decisions you have made to achieve success.

Over the years, we consistently encountered many client situations involving a disjointed effort to coordinate and pull together future life decisions between many players – the financial planner, banker, attorney, CPA and often family members. The clients were working solo to pull the pieces together and hopefully making the correct decision based on the singular effort of the various professionals providing guidance.

Realizing this put our clients in a precarious situation with a high probability for failure, we felt compelled to make a difference. We wanted to legitimately help our clients by offering a true holistic solution to approach their global finances.

Spectrum was formed in 2005 to provide this comprehensive approach by instituting highly accredited and experienced professionals to consult our clients. Our team of credentialed CPAs, CFP®s, CEPA, PFS, CDFA, ChFC® specialize in true wealth management to help simplify and consolidate your financial matters. Wealth is built over time and it must be nurtured, accumulated and protected over this time.

"Live life to the full, and become more curious every day."
-Daniel Barenboim